Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
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Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Follow along as we share our experiences building our own home. We are neither builders nor architects so we get a lot of help along the way!

Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Rural Ozarks
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Northwest, Arkansas 72632

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The mis-adventures of the Bailey family building their own home Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Floor Plans for our Earth Shelter Home

Because this home has been in development for so many years (over 7) we have had the luxury of making many improvements and additions to the place. The floor plans went through many changes over the years. For example, the bedrooms were on the southwest end but we swapped the whole thing end to end to ensure that we did not get the morning sun in our eyes because we do like to sleep in from time to time... you know, those great Saturday mornings that are so relaxing.

Another major change is the area we are calling the attic space for lack of a better term. It is not a space above the home, but against the longest wall that is in contact with the earth. Look at the floor plans below and you will see an open corridor all along the outside of the 'L' shape of the house. Again, for the lack of a better term I am calling it a geothermal wall. The center of the 'L' is a raised platform for the front entry way. Under that there is planned a low voltage blower that will gently force the air in one direction along the geothermal wall. The rest of the house is designed with an open floor plan and vaulted ceilings with eight foot walls. This will allow the air to flow freely in the opposite direction, circulating cooler or warmer air throughout the house depending on the season. This will offer the desired stability in the air temperature, hopefully.

There will also be an air/heat exchange in the 'attic space' that will bring in fresh air as it is circulated. I plan to install a 500 cfm blower for that purpose. That will allow the air to be completely changed in short order. Input from the interior of the house will be in both toilets, in the kitchen above the stove and ovens and in the shower areas. This will draw air specifically from the places that are most likely to need polluted interior air removed.

I would like to have timers in key locations in the house that will allow the air/heat exchange to be turned on from different locations. For example, a 10 minute timer will be installed in each toilet and a 40 - 70 minute timer will go in the shower areas and in the kitchen. If any one of the timers are on, the polluted air will be removed for the appropriate time then turn off automatically.

Well, these additions can go one and on, but this page is supposed to have floor plans on it. I will be adding several versions of the plans below. The links lead to vary large images to capture as much detail as possible, so consider yourself forewarned. I will try to describe the purpose and changes in each plan as I can. Some have errors that I have not corrected and I will try to note them as they are shown.

These plans are drawn in Corel Draw 8.0... yeah I am too cheap to get a newer one, but really have very little need for the upgrade. I am not an architect nor have I any training to do this type of thing. What you see here is purely from me asking a lot of questions of a lot of professionals. At the Davis Caves Earth Fest 2009 I had my latest session with their floor plan guy and he seemed very complementary. I was proud of that. He did point out the need for a second exit from the bedrooms for fire safety reasons and we plan to incorporate that later. This will be in the form of a hidden panel in the built in desks of the middle bedrooms that will allow for an escape through the exercise room and out the master bedroom or through another hidden panel immediately adjacent to the front door. This is not shown in any of the plans and probably will not be shown as it is something that will be built in as we go. Once again we see a reminder that I am NOT a professional builder!
Plan Display Description Link
Main Floor Plan This file shows the main floor plan. There are a few changes/errors here.

First, the kitchen nook shows the block wall outlining a larger space than the foundation. The shape of the foundation is correct.

Also not shown here, the back and front wall of the middle bedrooms should be moved down about 2 1/2 feet. This will make the rooms squarer (not so important) allow the bathroom door to be moved around the corner (not shown) and enlarge the sitting area outside the doors of the middle bedrooms.

Of note here is the attic space mentioned above. The grey row of blocks are not a full 8 feet in height. They are about 6 1/2 feet. The pitch of the roof starts from the top of that block wall and goes up to the top of the 8 foot frame wall that marks the outer limit of the living area of the house.

GIF Image
Dimensional Plans Same image as above except this shows the dimensions of some of the rooms PLUS the spaces between the posts that will hold up the rafters. GIF Image
Rafter Plans This image shows the layout of the 4 x 6 oak rafters and 8 x 10-12 oak beams. This image is for the purposes of getting an accurate count on how many rafters I need to mill for the project. GIF Image



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